Monday, October 13, 2008

Glub Blub Glug Glug...

That's the sound a lawnmower makes. At least that's the sound MY lawnmower made yesterday. I was bitching and moaning about having to mow the lawn because my sweetie had a benign lump removed from his ankle and can't do a lot of walking. As I was getting started he asked if I'd remembered to take my back pill- and I hadn't. He went in to get it for me, and as I came around the side of the house I saw him standing on the deck. I stopped the mower and turned to walk over to him and saw him pointing toward the pond. The lovely pond where our mower was heading. It hit a bush and slowed a little as it bounced down the slope- but not enough for me to catch it.

I'm accident-prone and usually don't walk down the slope- and I had no idea I could actually RUN down it. The bubbles and glugging were just getting started as I grabbed the handle that was still above water. I dragged that blasted machine back up the hill with one hand. Adrenaline is a wonderful hormone- it worked well for me yesterday. I'd like to take this moment to give a shout-out to my adrenal glands for not letting me down. Thank you adrenal glands, I've never given a second thought to you, but you were there for me when I needed to drag my fat butt up and down a hill to rescue an off-roading-mower.

I'm also thankful that we went "green" with our mower and use the Neuton, a battery-operated mower. I think having no gas tank, no oil, etc- was helpful in this case of scuba-mower. It's a very nice mower- quieter than a vacuum cleaner and no emissions and no tune-ups. There was water in the battery, but we have a second battery that wasn't dunked in the pond. We sprayed it off and wiped away any pond scum. We left it out in the sun to dry and set-up a fan to blow on it too. This morning it started right up!! WHEW!!! So now that all is well in the world and I've finished mowing the lawn I must admit it's funny. So go ahead, have a laugh, I can take it!

ps- the card in the pic is ooooold, but fit the theme.