Friday, February 15, 2008

The Language of Love

Our Valentine gifts to each other got me thinking of this book that I read before Jeff and I got married called The Five Love Languages. I was given the book as a wedding shower gift, and it's a fast and worthwhile read. Dr. Gary Chapman outlines the five different ways that people show and feel love. Once you have figured out which language you and the people around you prefer, you can show your love in the lanugage they understand. There is a quick quiz you can take to find out your language, and if your spouse hasn't taken the quiz you can figure out their language by watching how they express love to you. Usually the way a person expresses him/herself when they show love is the way they understand best.

So, since Jeff knows I like a little something to show he was thinking of me, I got a beautiful card and a darling little bear as my valentine and Jeff got acts of service, aka a cleaned up house. I hope your Valentine's day was as lovely as mine! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Puppy Love

Awwwwww, sweet little poochie- just an updated pic from the breeder. Little pup looks sleepy here, I wonder if she takes their pictures right after the puppies wake up to cut down on the friskies.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone- I'm bummed I didn't make cards this year- but I'm not going to miss the boat again next year. I've got some new ideas cookin' up for this blog and for my crafting life. If school would just stay outta my way that is ;)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Puppy Update

Here she is folks- a little black ball of fur who probably won't have a name until we bring her home and play with her a bit more. We went today to look at some puppies and had three to choose from. We loved this sweet little girl and she'll be coming home with us at the end of the month. Here are the details- she's a shih-poo like Buckeye from previous posts, a dog that is generally good for people with allergies such as myself. Hopefully I'll have luck with this dog too *knock on wood* and won't be sneezing all day. She was born on January 1st and she'll end up being about 10 pounds. I'm going to take some time off work to get her all settled in and used to life here. It will be a homework and puppy-fest. ACK! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. We have been out browsing for supplies and making notes about what various stores have and the prices. Yes, we really are that dorky. I need to see all my options for puppy stuff before I buy- I'm just that kind of girl.

We decided to get a puppy sooner than later, having Buckeye here really convinced us that we wanted a dog. I'm able to be home a bit more right now because I'm working on school, so I can be here to take her in and out. We also like the thought of having her here for the nicer weather, making housebreaking easier... hopefully. Then, when the winter holidays come around we'll have a pup who is nearly a year old and hopefully polite enough to do a little Christmas visiting. Whew- the countdown begins!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Juror 101

That's my number folks, I have jury duty again. I guess it was a few years ago that I had to serve on a jury, but it seems that this jury duty summons is only for today. The wording isn't very clear, so I guess I'll find out more when I get there. This is just City of Dayton court, so it's not anything big. The last jury I served on was a felony case and was under a different court. I'm missing a doctor's appointment to go to this dang it! Hopefully I will be released this time- fingers crossed.

On a happier note, we have decided that we are definately adding a fur-baby to our family. Having Buckeye here for nearly a week showed us how much we really want a dog of our own. Watch this space for puppy updates- we'll have a little fuzz-butt here sooner rather than later! :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Sad Change of Events

Well, I guess I jumped the gun posting good news about puppy adoption. I called today to see when we could go pick him up and got bad news. Seems his first family has changed their mind, so we won't have a new fur-baby after all. I'm very sad- I wanted us to adopt him, and hadn't gotten my heart set on him until she called me Tuesday and said we could have him. Guess it's just another case of not counting your chickens before they hatch. I shouldn't have gotten puppy fever before having the puppy in my house. Looks like birdie is an only pet after all. Kind of a birthday bummer! :(