Friday, March 06, 2009

New Critter Cushions


My lovely friend Annie asked me to make a hippo pincushion for her and this is what I came up with.


Just relaxing in the water with a lilypad floating alongside.


I'd say this hippo has it pretty easy in this life. I think he's pretty darn cute for my first hippo and I plan to make another one to list in my etsy shop.


Speaking of Etsy- this little sheep on a hill is listed there- he's smaller than my other sheepy pincushion, and there are more critter cushions to come! :)


Annie said...

Oh he is just so cute and he is mine. Thank you me dearling. I love this hippo with an attitude.


clwilker said...

Oh Tina, he is adorable!!!!!! Lucky, lucky Annie!!

Babsarella said...

OMG!!! Tina, that hippo is super cute!!! Love the adorable sheep too. You are seriously amazing at needle felting...but no surprise. Rock on Miss Crafty!!!

Sarah Moore said...

hey Tina! Visit cuz you won something!

Cute hippos! :)

* lisa * said...

Super cute!

KraftyKerilou said...

Just so cute, Tina!! I linked you today in my blog...I love the hippo!!!

Sue McGettigan said...

Tina your little critters are totally ADORABLE!!

boracay condo said...

Pretty hippo pincushion. Can you make one for me also? LOL.